T.F.V. "De Smeetskring"  is named after emeritus professor Mr. M.J.H. Smeets, who taught tax law from 1931 until 1967. The Tilburgse Fiscalisten Vereniging "De Smeetskring" (Smeetskring) is the Society for tax specialists at Tilburg University.   

By means of organizing visits to law and accounting firms, hosting lectures and organizing monthly socials, the Society aims to bridge the gap between students, academia and practice. In addition, the Tax Society facilitates the purchase of books for Tax Law and Fiscal Economics students and offers attractive discounts. Moreover, it keeps members and sponsors informed of the Society's activities through a online magazine, the "Circulaire", as well as the annual yearbook. Last but not least, the Tax Society represents students' interests.   

The Smeetskring is also one of the founding members of the "Landelijk Overleg Fiscalisten" (LOF), an umbrella organization uniting the eight tax societies in the Netherlands. Furthermore, every year, one of the tax societies represented in the LOF is responsible for organizing an annual convention on a tax related topic. In September 2012, Tilburg organized a convention themed on the issue of tax leakage. Check out the photo album for photos of the event!