The LOF foundation was founded in 1987 to foster relations between the national tax societies and to highlight various tax related issues. Eight tax societies, namely: Porta Adriani (Amsterdam), FSVU (Amsterdam), Groninger Fiscale Eenheid (Groningen), Pecunia Non Olet (Leiden), FIRST (Maastricht), RFV Christiaanse-Taxateur (Rotterdam), In Fiscalibus (Nijmegen) and T.F.V. De Smeetskring (Tilburg) are affiliated with the foundation. The board consists of three individuals from three different tax societies. Appointed delegates represent the other tax societies during meetings.   

NOB / LOF Thesis Award

The annual NOB / LOF Thesis Award is presented at the LOF convention. Tax economics and tax law students who are a member of a tax society are permitted to submit their theses. The Thesis Award comprises a €2.500 cash prize and publication of the thesis in a book in the Kluwer NOB / LOF-thesis series.