Fiscal institute Tilburg

The Fiscal Institute Tilburg (FIT) provides academic education and conducts research in the field of Dutch and international taxation.

Together with the research groups Corporate Law and Property and Insolvency Law, the Fiscal Institute is a part of the Center for Company Law (Tilburg Center for Studies in Company, Tax, Insolvency and Commercial Law),


On 18 December 1968, the Fiscal Institute Tilburg (FIT) was established as an interfaculty institute at Tilburg University - then still named Catholic University of Tilburg- for reasons of organization and coordination. It was felt that the interests of the tax law and fiscal economics students in the various faculty bodies were better served by a single institute, comprising the Department of Tax Law (Tilburg Law School), the Department of Fiscal Economics and the Public Finance Section of the Department of Economics (Tilburg School of Economics and Management). Furthermore, many overlaps existed between the tax law and fiscal economics curricula. The merging of the two student populations considerably improved efficiency.

International Cooperation

In recent years, the FIT initiated international cooperation in the field of fiscal science as part of its primary objectives of education and research in the area of tax law and fiscal economics. A strong network - including foreign universities (EUCOTAX) with the FIT as its focal point - has evolved around the 'winter course', organized as of 1993. This network carries out joint international research programs and has both facilitated a series of guest lectures by foreign fiscal scientists at Tilburg University and enabled fiscal scientists from Tilburg to deliver guest lectures abroad.


Tilburg Law School, as well as Tilburg School of Economics and Management, are known for the high, academic qualities of their education. In addition, the personal accommodation of students, the balanced education program and quality of the professors are highly notified.

Bachelor’s and Master’s program

The Fiscal Institute Tilburg (FIT)is to a large extent responisble for two bachelor degrees and three master programs.

All students of the judicial bachelor programs of Tilburg University take part in the Oefenrechtbank. For students of the Fiscal law program, this is called Oefenhof (only in Dutch). They will follow a somewhat different program than students of other judicial bachelor programs. Information about the 'Oefenhof' for the upcoming semester is available at Blackboard in the 'Oefenrechtbank'.

Courses for tax consultants

As part of its permanent education program, the FIT among other things organizes some courses for members of the professional association of tax consultants(Register Belastingadviseurs, shortened to RB) that are tailored to the RB-consultant's practice. RB-members are offered a deduction on the course fee.

Topical interest class

At the end of every first semester, a topical interest class is organized, which is open to both students of the fiscal disciplines and to others. This class focuses on the latest developments in the field of tax legislation and is given in the form of lectures.