The Education Committee of Tilburg School of Economics and Management is looking for new student members.

As a student representative in the Education Committee you will have the following tasks and responsibilities:
  • You will meet with fellow TiSEM students and staff members to discuss a wide range of topics related to education.
  • You will provide the Academic Director with advice on the proposed curriculum changes and approve them for the next academic year. 
  • You will attend the sounding board meetings of your program to assess what actions have been taken on the input from teachers, students, and staff members.
  • You will provide constructive critical input on proposed educational policy changes to the Vice Dean of Education. 
  • You will work on and approve the Teaching and Exam Regulations for the coming academic year.

What do you gain?
The Education Committee offers a lot in return as well:
  • Influence on the quality of your education and insight in the program and educational plans.
  • Insight in how a large organization like TiSEM works. 
  • A unique opportunity to improve your skills in discussions with teachers, fellow students, Academic Directors, and the Vice Dean of Education. 
  • A fee for each (formal) meeting and the possibility of applying for a month’s worth of management grant when you participated actively for the whole year.
How to apply?
Send an email to [email protected] containing the following information:
  • The program you will be representing
  • Your curriculum vitae
  • A short motivation (max. half a page) explaining why you would like to join the EC and what makes you a great candidate.

After receiving your application, you will be invited for a short motivational interview.

In case you have questions or would like to receive more information, please contact either Andrei Bonau or Karlijn van den Hombergh, overarching chairmen, by sending an email to [email protected]